Monarch Pro is a Windows-based business intelligence and reporting tool that is easy to use even if you’re not a “power user” with advanced technology skills. Unlike traditional data mining tools, Monarch Pro easily mines data from existing text-based, PDF or XPS reports. It also lets you access and analyze data from database files, spreadsheets, ODBC sources, delimited text, and HTML files.

Whether you’re a manager, analyst, accountant or auditor, you’ll find Monarch Pro easy to use. This powerful data mining tool eliminates time consuming, error-prone work by transforming existing text-based or PDF reports into live, actionable data. Quickly. Easily. And, without programming

No IT Help Needed

Monarch Pro is business intelligence for everyone. Even non-technical users will find it easy to:

Build a collection of filters, calculations, summaries and charts and apply them to different data sets

Export data anytime to Excel, Access or PDF files without help from the IT department.

Monarch Pro includes all the standard features of Monarch — the world’s leading report mining and analysis tool — plus the ability to:

Mine data from PDF reports, import and analyze data from XLS, MDB, DB, DBF, WKx, delimited text and HTML files, as well as any ODBC-compliant data source such as SQL Server and Oracle.

Read and mine data from report files commonly known as print files, spool files, TXT files, formatted ASCII files, PRN files and SDF files.


  • Extracts data from report files produced on any mainframe, midrange, client/server or PC system for fast and easy integration of your data management system
  • Exports Excel 2007 OpenXML (xlsx) spreadsheets as well as standard (xls) spreadsheets so you can work with your data in the format you want
  • Provides a variety of options for working with report-based data: sort, filter, analyze, visualize and export data to spreadsheets, databases and other applications
  • Supports SharePoint® repositories, including access and export, so you’ll always be connected.
  • Creates new views of data using data extracted from existing reports.
  • Windows Vista™ ready

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