You will be Managing Butterfly’s and Brain storming on the Star Trek Enterprise in 5 years.

As ‘big data’ tools become more available, approachable and integrated into standard infrastructure – I am starting to realize we are facing a major technology leap.

This leap is paralleled to the introduction of e-mail systems to the business process.

In the next  5-7 years:

  1. “Butterfly wings movement” management: We will see “Algo-management” systems replace mid management. These “Algo-management” systems will run fast simulations of small operational changes and will predict the overall end result. The systems will perform analysis on “butterfly wings movement” in one place in the organization and will predict the end “tornado” result in the other side of the business.
  2. The one meeting era :The cycle time between event and management action taken will be reduce  by 80%.The operational process of team meetings project analysis , formatting and data presentation before taking a decision will  disappear. The only meeting required will be that of decision making management  teams.
  3. The end of meeting minutes: A picture is worth a 1000 words and a movie 1000000… But, if you can store, analyze and transcript every sound and face and link it to actions as the meeting progresses –you do not waste time during meetings documenting them.   
  4. “Brain storming on the Star Trek Enterprise” – if all the data is accessible and analysis is done light speed fast – why not brainstorm with the data. Remember the meetings on Star Trek Enterprise? “Computer, simulate our entrance to the atmosphere in warp speed and calculate the % for survival…”
  5. “Spell checks to your actions” – If you have an analysis of all the business processes in your industry with update indicators – why not check every action you take against it? You can “spell check” your actions before you send them out….before you agree to a price on the phone, the system will alert you and say the price just jumped for the memory component  or the guy on the other side can go lower….


And what is your predictions?